Andreas HofmannAndreas Hofmann

Life is a steady stream of changes and development, and this concept of steady change can also be seen in the web-industry as new technology and devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets etc.) emerge almost on a daily basis. The question is: does your page have what it takes to scope with the latest trends, use the latest trends to your advantage and therefore represent your purpose/company in the right light?

Located in the Heart of Tokyo, Japan, I originally worked in the Localization and Marketing sector, but I have always shared a passion for Design and Web Development. Living in this fast-paced city is the perfect ground for inspiration and to meet other people that share the same passion. So over the years I became a passionate Freelance-Developer and Designer for responsive and static Webpages.

Over the last 3 years I also was working as a Project Manager on several iOS app Projects. Besides being the Project Manager I also gained some major experience in App UI Design for iOS apps.

Typical tasks within the normal Workflow-Process are:

  • collecting information, ideas and research
  • planing & evaluating of the theme
  • creating mockups and frame works
  • starting to get into designing (Optional: designing your Logo)
  • creation of a design mockup
  • coding of the page
  • translations (if needed)
  • QA (Testing of the homepage and it`s functions)
  • SEO

I also got many request of WordPress site designs, which of course I also can offer. Wherever in the process of creating your page you are, I am your man.

I would be pleased to get in touch with you to discuss your project.

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